I have a warm spot in my heart for the series of figures shown in this album. They were uniquely my own creations. Only a dozen or so were built, no two exactly alike. If you own one, please send me a photo so I can add it to this album. mahertalk@aol.com

Oh, this is funny! The first head I sculpted with the big oval eyes had a face that simply was not what I was after. In fact, as I looked at it, I thought, "If I would just change the mouth and ears, this could be a monkey!" And that's what I did! You see him here - the only one I made.

While building the #500 series of figures, I decided to try my hand at several 34" figures with more traditional faces. But I liked building the "big eye'd" characters the best. And they proved to be the customer's favorites. So only 3 or 4 of these 34" figures were actually completed. (I probably have some partially completed heads somewhere.)

This pose was for size comparision. 35" figure and 34" figure.

Bonnie Mohr using Kevin's

"Christopher" at Children's Church.

Arty Freda and "Tyrone"

Almira Kirkham

(Missionary to Mexico)

Shannon Schrum and "Rod"

Kevin asked me if he could have one of the shell heads so he could complete his own figure. Here you see Sonja and Kevin with "Christopher." It appears "Christopher" is quite proud of his ability (thanks to Kevin) to stick out his tongue for the camera.

Note: Kevin now owns his own ventriloquist and puppet business. Be sure to check it out if you have not already done so: Animated Puppets.

The inspiration

Several years before I created the #500 series of figures, Pam Sterner came to me with a special request. She was performing with an Otis O'Brien doll that I had upgraded earlier for her. But a 30 inch doll was just too small for the increasing amount of programs she was giving from the stage. "Can you custom build a full size duplicate of my Otis?" was her request. It was a challenge, but I decided to accept the challenge. Here you see the result. It was while working with the large oval eyes on this figure that I was inspired to create a series of characters with similar eyes. It was a few years before I could find the necessary time, but the #500 series of characters you see in this photo album were the result.

I don't know who sent me this picture of their "family' of Maher products, including a couple of "my guys" on the left. But if these are yours, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.